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The Vestry is the elected lay governing board of the parish. The Rector is the Presiding Officer and the rest of the Vestry is comprised of two wardens, a treasurer, a clerk and nine general members. The officers and general members are elected at the Annual Meeting in January of each year.

Vestry meetings are open to all members of St. Luke's to attend and/or ask for time to speak to the parish leadership. Meetings are typically the second Wednesday of each month. Check the church calendar for upcoming meetings.



Co-Warden: Chris Dietz

Co-Warden: Erica Pollard

Treasurer: Mark Buckley

Clerk: Roberta Swift


General Members

Randy Robertson

MaryLou Butler

Tom Michaud

Shey O'Grady

Judy Bent

Phil Chadwell

Paula Jewell

Judy McGreenery

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