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St. Luke’s Memorial Garden


Given in 1985 by Mr. and Mrs. James H. Beal, Jr. in loving memory of their daughter, Laura, the Memorial Garden is located in a sheltered, sunny corner of the church yard. It offers a place of repose for the ashes of the dead and a place of beauty and solitude for the living.  The Garden is intended for former, present, and future members of the parish and is especially appropriate for those to whom St. Luke’s has had special meaning through the years.


Cremation is an accepted practice in the Christian world and fully consistent with the beliefs and practices of the Episcopal Church. Members of the parish may make their wishes known to the clergy.


The Memorial Garden Committee, together with the Vestry will determine fees for internment and engraving of names on the Memorial Garden plaque.  Please contact our office for current fees.  These are used for continual maintenance of the garden. 

St. Luke’s Memorial Garden was dedicated on April 21, 1985 by the Rector, Reverend Raymond A. Low and blessed by Bishop David Johnson on April 27, 1986.

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