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We are grateful for the financial support that helps to maintain St. Luke's Church. There are several options to give to the church:

Option 1

Cash App: Visit the app store on your phone or tablet to download this free app. Through Cash App, you will send your pledge to There is no fee for using this service - either to you or St. Luke's - and set up is simple.

cash app logo.png

The following QR code can be used to set up a CashApp account. Scan the code on your phone or tablet and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer at

CashApp QR Code.png

Option 2 Support St. Luke's by giving online through To make a contribution, click the button below to complete your transaction.

Option 3

Electronic Bill Pay: This is a direct bank-to-bank payment. You need to call (or go online with) your bank and ask the bank to send an electronic check to St. Luke's bank account. In order to complete this process, you'll need additional information (account and routing number) from St. Luke's. Please contact the church treasurer at for more information.

Option 4

Mail: Pledges may still be mailed to St. Luke's at 465 First Parish Road, Scituate MA 02066.

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