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Community of Faith


In any gathering of St. Luke’s members, half will have started out as ‘cradle Episcopalians,’ while the other half will have come to us later in life from other Christian denominations.


We bring together:


† The ancient traditions of the sacraments – Baptism and Eucharist – with the Protestant empowerment of individuals to make their own moral and ethical choices.


† Our congregation includes all ages from active seniors to children in our church school and all ages in between.  We have a Safe Church Policy to ensure that all who enter our doors can be safe physically and emotionally.  Copies are available in our Church Office.


† People who are married, single, divorced, remarried, with and without children, member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and cisgendered.


† A religious tradition which includes ordained clergy named as deacons, priests, and bishops, with an empowered lay presence which is responsible for the life of the congregation.  On the local, regional and national levels, lay persons have an equal say in the major decisions of our denomination with the ordained.


† A commitment to individual spiritual nurture and growth as a community of people who know and support one another, and a visible presence of Jesus out in the world committed to the care of those in poverty, hunger and other needs.

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