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January 4, 2016


The miracle of God comes not only from above; it also comes through us; it is also dwelling in us. It has been given to every person, and it lies in every soul as something divine, and it waits. Calling, it waits for the hour when the soul shall open itself, having found its God and its home. When this is so, the soul will not keep its wealth to itself, but will let it flow out into the world. Wherever love proceeds from us and becomes truth, the time is fulfilled.”  (~Eberhard Arnold)


Happy New Year (Season of The Epiphany)!


Welcome to St. Luke’s Renewal Works Micro Site. Here you will find information regarding Renewal Works -- specific to what it is, how it works, time line, needs for participants (always!) and other assorted updates as we as a parish continue on our journey.

Hopefully you have heard the announcements, seen the posters, read the bulletin, or have driven by St. Luke’s and have seen the signs on the law. In the language of business this would be called the “pre-launch” period in which we “build awareness".


Briefly -- Renewal Works is a process by which our parish will consider our spiritual growth, individually and collectively. We will look at what we’re doing that helps that growth, and where we have growth opportunities.


The objective of Renewal Works is to further your, our, individual and collective relationships with God. The output could run the gamut from changes in liturgy, opportunities for fellowship and adult education.


Next key date will be the call the action -- the week of January 24th when the online survey (Spiritual Life Inventory) will be available for you to take.


A few things about the survey:


  • It is anonymous!!!

  • There is no right or wrong answers!!

  • If you call St. Luke’s your home it is important that you take the survey regardless of how frequently you come to church.

  • If you are unable and/or unwilling to take the survey on line, hard copies will be available for you to take the survey with them inputted into the on line so that you are appropriately recorded.

  • Our results (St. Luke’s) will be tabulated as a group and compared to all the churches who have taken the survey to date.

  • After that, a group of parishioners will meet for four workshops, to ask four questions:

  • Where have we been? The first workshop explores the individual’s spiritual history, as well as the story of the congregation.

  • Where are we now? The second workshop uses the data from the inventory to assess where the congregation is at the present time.

  • Where are we called to go? The third workshop considers a faithful response with an eye on the future.

  • How will we get there? 


The fourth workshop charts specific steps, which will be presented to the leadership and the entire parish.


We are looking for ten to fourteen (10-14) people, representing a cross section of the congregation to participate in these workshops. (Day and date to be determined based on majority of participants availability).


If you care about the church, its present and future, we urge you to consider participating in the workshops as this group, based on the survey results, will develop the future spiritual direction of St. Luke’s!


So please keep this process in your prayers, as we seek to be faithful to God’s call to our congregation.



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December 17, 2015
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