Worship Activities

Lay people are essential to our worship.  The parish actively seeks a wide representation of our membership to serve at the altar.  We welcome new members to participate as soon as they feel ready.


Youth and adults who wear vestments, light and extinguish candles, carry torches and crosses, assist with the collection and setting the altar at the 10 am service.  Rotating schedule, training provided.  Contact the Church Office for more information.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild works behind the scenes to prepare the sanctuary for Sunday worship.  They secure and care for the linens, vestments, Eucharistic vessels and furnishings, make sure the hymn numbers are posted, and assist with the set up for weddings and funerals.  Training is provided.  Contact:  Sylvia Davis, daviss8@comcast.net, (781) 834-7618, or Pat Karsch, patkarsch@comcast.net, (781) 545-6672.

Altar Flowers & Sanctuary Candle

Our altar flowers and sanctuary candle are given each week in memory of loved ones or in thanksgiving for special blessings.  A calendar for signing up is posted in the narthex.  At Easter and Christmas, we have large floral displays reflecting the memorial or celebratory donations of our parish family.  The cost of the flowers is $55 per week, the sanctuary candle is $10.

Healing Ministry

People with a special call to offer prayers for healing during the time of communion at the 10 am and after the 8 am service.  Training is provided.  Contact:  Rev. Grant Barber, revgrant@comcast.net, (781) 974-3210.

Healing Service

Wednesdays at noon, this informal service offers a small group opportunity for Bible study, prayers for healing,  intercessing prayer and communion.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs)

Wear vestments during the liturgy and help to distribute communion by administering the chalice.  Other duties include carrying the Gospel book in procession and reading the Prayers of the People.  Training is required.  Contact:  Rev. Grant Barber, revgrant@comcast.net, (781) 974-3210.


Read assigned lessons from the Scripture during Sunday worship.  Training is provided.  Contact:  Rev. Grant Barber, revgrant@comcast.net, (781) 974-3210.


Members who assist in the 10 am service by greeting parishioners, handing out bulletins, passing the collection plates, counting the number in attendance and recording it in the log book in the sacristy.  Contact:  Rev. Grant Barber, revgrant@comcast.net, (781) 974-3210.