Join Us


Whether you are a seeker, believer, single, married, gay, straight, divorced, widowed, with or without children, old or young, no matter your hair color and number of piercings – you are welcome at St. Luke’s.

Our congregation is demographically diverse, with long term and new members from the older persons who bring their wisdom and experience, folks in that great range of ‘middle age,’ young parents, and kids, pre-K through high school, registered for our Sunday School program.

Visitors find us friendly and welcoming. Newer members are welcomed into parish programs and projects alongside those who have been here a while. Lay leaders in worship, children’s education, pastoral care, and outreach provide the heart of our ministries.

We hope you will join us as we continue as individuals and a community of faith to find how Jesus would have us live in this wonderful, challenging world of ours.

Please find within this section of the website information about our congregation and the larger Episcopal Church.  I hope that you will find an invitation to become involved by giving your time and energy to a ministry.  All of what is happening here is intended for the spiritual growth of each person and for our larger faith community.  The success of our program life and worship depends on the members of our faith community.  Each of us has a calling to serve Jesus in the church.  I invite you to consider what yours might be.  Finally, I welcome the chance to meet with you in your home, in my office, or over coffee somewhere in town.  Please let me know what time works for you.

In Christ,
The Rev. Grant Barber