Profile: Doug Hardy

How long have you been living in Scituate?

Retired to here from Tokyo in Oct, 2005.

What brought you to St. Luke’s? How many years ago?

Born and raised in Western MA, went to college at Tufts, brother and mother live in Tiverton RI so Scituate centrally located and my wife, Maki, loved the house.

Any family members involved here in the past or present?

Maki, my wife and temporarily until September 2012 , second daughter, Cynthia.  In September she will begin grad school at Stanford.

Have you done any other sorts of things here at the church? Other committees, ministries?

I’ve been a LEM and Maki has been performing the financial audits and is a regular at the Wednesday prayer group.

What sorts of memories do you have of church, where ever that was, from your childhood?

Growing up in Westfield MA with my brother, a year younger, and attending Church of the Atonement. We were both acolytes, junior choir, boy scouts and paper boys….very Norman Rockwell childhood.

What three words would you use to describe your experience of St. Luke’s?

Welcoming, Familial and  Supportive

What sorts of things would you like to see for St. Luke’s over the next one to three years? Anything beyond that?

Continued growth in membership, especially young families. Am delighted with the emphasis on young adult activities by The Rev. Joyce. Longer term I pray for a very successful Capital Campaign.

Finally, name one thing about yourself that others might not readily know. Other responders in the past have mentioned getting their pilot’s license as a college student or work as a dog groomer…anything interesting that you might share with us.

Maki and I and our two daughters spent 32 years in five countries in Asia, oldest Grace born in Singapore and moved to Brunei at 11 days (she may still hold the record as youngest passenger on Royal Brunei Airlines) and Cynthia born in Tokyo.