Christian Education Q&A

What will my child do on Sunday?

Classes begin at 10 am.  We appreciate your children being punctual for class so that we can quickly begin the week’s material.  Parents are responsible for their children as soon as class is over.

Nursery/Child Care:  Nursery care is available during the 10 am church service.  We have a playroom with an adult, paid to supervise the children who are not ready for classes.  Infants are welcome as are preschoolers who would prefer playtime rather than classroom time.  We have a variety of toys, books, and videos.  You are welcome to leave bottles or snacks for your child in this room.  We will come and get you in church if your child is in need of a diaper change or is unhappy.  We ask that parents of children who utilize the nursery sign up to assist with child care.  A sign up sheet is located on the door.

Grades Pre-K through 1st Grade:  Children will start off in church with their families.  After the “Children’s Sermon” they will be led to Dutton Hall by teachers or an acolyte.  They will participate in the “Little Service” in Dutton Hall and then go to their classes.  They will remain with their class until the end of the service.  If your child is in these grades and you want your child to receive Communion or the Communion Blessing, you may notify their teacher or come to the class to take them into church.

Grades 2 and up:  Children will start their classes and join their families during the Offertory.  They will remain in church until the end of the service.

What curriculum is used in the St. Luke’s Christian Education program?

Learn more about our curriculum, here.

How can I (as an adult) be a part of the Christian Education Program at St. Luke’s?

  • Teach regular classes, outreach classes, or substitute:  One-on-one assistance is provided to each teacher for curriculum and class planning.
  • Join the Christian Education Committee:  Meetings are scheduled seasonally.  Short single-event planning meetings are held during Coffee Hour (“Stand Up Meetings”). Please contact Rev. Joyce for further details.
  • Assist with Youth Group
  • Assist with special events
  • Talk with your child about what they learned in Sunday School.  Teach them about the Episcopal Church, The Book of Common Prayer, and the Bible

What opportunities does my child have to participate at St. Luke’s?

Your Child’s Participation at St. Luke’s

How can my child fully participate at St. Luke’s?

  • Attend Christian Education Classes
  • Take part in Youth Outreach Projects
  • Join the Youth Group
  • Join a Choir: The Angel Choir (2nd through 5th grade), The Young Adult Choir (grades 6+)
  • Become an  acolyte:  6th grade and up
  • Become a lector:  5th  grade and up
  • Be a Chalice Bearer:  High School students by invitation

Parent Volunteers

To run a successful Christian Education program  volunteers are needed!   There are several different ways for parents to volunteer their time.  Time commitments vary from a one time event to teaching a few Sundays per month.

The committee is asking all families to sign up to do two things this year:  all families are asked to sign up to provide a beverage or snack for our separate children’s coffee hour table.   We are also asking all parents to volunteer in a classroom once during the school year.  You may choose any classroom…it need not be your child’s classroom.  Look for the sign up sheets.

An important notice for parents with children in Sunday School:

St. Luke’s in blessed with volunteers of varying backgrounds to teach Sunday School and with a growing number of children in each grade level.  With this comes some classrooms expectations:

We want to provide a nurturing and safe place for our children to learn how to love God and their neighbor.  If a child is having a difficult day in the classroom, we intent to offer individual attention as much as possible and gentle redirection so that all in the classroom can focus on the group’s activities.  If, after two attempts to redirect and focus, a child is still having a tough time, we will send someone from the program to get a parent to take the child out of the classroom for that day.  If this happens, we hope that parents will help the child understand that they are still valued and welcomed in the class and at St. Luke’s, but that the behavior that caused the disruption does not fit in.  The standards for behavior are pretty basic to all classroom and group settings:  as is age appropriate, keeping hands to oneself, staying on the task at hand, not interrupting, and respecting others.

Important information about supervision:

The staff for our babysitting room will be providing supervision either in the room, or on the playground until 11:30 a.m. for all children.  When the babysitting staff leaves at 11:30, children will be directed to find their families.

Parents need to be aware of where their children are after service and are ultimately responsible for supervision.  Parents are expected to supervise their child unless another adult has agreed to take responsibility for the child.

Children also must be supervised by an adult while on the playground.  Parents are expected to supervise their children on the playground, unless another adult has agreed to take responsibility for the child.  Children and parents are asked to follow the rules posted at the playground.

Parents are asked to have their children clean up after themselves if they were playing in the playroom or on the playground.