Profile: MaryLou Butler

General Vestry Member
Term: 2011-2014

How long have you been living in Scituate? 36 years

What brought you to St. Luke’s? How many years ago? We were looking for a church with strong ties to Scituate and a strong community.  We joined St. Luke’s 9 years ago.

Any family members involved here in the past or present? My husband and I usher.

Have you done any other sorts of things here at the church? Other committees, ministries? I’ve worked on the Harvest Fair and the Berry Bonanza Yard Sale and I was on the committee to find the Youth Minister

What sorts of memories do you have of church, where ever that was, from your childhood? I was raised as a Catholic and so we went to church every Sunday but there was not anything beyond that.  For a brief while I belonged to a children’s choir (I suspect the choir director has not yet recovered!) and I enjoyed sitting in the balcony and looking down on the congregation.

What three words would you use to describe your experience of St. Luke’s? Welcoming, Community, Active

Some people in leadership positions like to use their skills and training from their work or ‘secular’ life here at the church; others enjoy the opportunity to explore other parts of themselves, their interests and skills, that don’t get called upon as often in the rest of their lives. Any thoughts how you fit into this? Now that I am retired my secular life is filled with activities I enjoy.  For about the last 15 years of my career I worked in HR and I was happy to rekindle some of those skills on the search committee for the Youth Minister.

What sorts of things would you like to see for St. Luke’s over the next one to three years? Anything beyond that? I would like to see St. Luke’s become even more vibrant.  I think that Rev. Joyce Scheyer will be a great asset to St. Luke’s and expand things to interest children and teens and I expect that energy to spill over to the rest of the parish.

Finally, name one thing about yourself that others might not readily know. Other responders in the past have mentioned getting their pilot’s license as a college student or work as a dog groomer…anything interesting that you might share with us? I work on a project basis as a consultant for an executive search firm – more commonly known as a head hunter.  I am happy to offer advice to anyone at St. Luke’s who is looking for a job.