Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.57.34 AMJune 26th at 5PM – Community Dinner:  Join us for a delicious meal of Lemon Chicken, Potato Casserole, Mixed Vegetables, Salad & Rolls with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert! 

church school 2016jpg-1

Church School News: The last two Sundays of Church School have buzzed with excitement about helping the bees. Our Trike-A-Thon/Bake Sale raised over $900.00 to buy hives through the Heifer Foundation. That’s over 31 hives and around 2,000,000 bees! On the last Sunday of Church School the children processed in with 31 helium balloons to represent those hives. The congregation was also visited by a buzzing bee who delivered a thank you message to the whole church. Without the support of the whole community at St. Lukes, the children could not have raised the money.

Thank You, Thank You!: We also took time on the May 22nd to recognize and thank all the teachers for their work with the children. Our teachers this year were Grace Strong, Adrienne Wood, Christopher Swigart, Mary Swigart, Stacey Stratton, Shey O’Grady, Denise Fox-Barber, Joyce Lukacik, Gayle Beaudoin, and Ann Johnson. Other adults were also honored for work with our children: Michael Marrone, Kittie Marrone, Bethany Bergin, Debbie Carlino, Jean Anderson, Bob Beal, and Susanna Dietz.

Want to Be Part of the Church School?  You are invited to contact Kittie Marrone or Bethany Bergin to find out how you can help! There will be new opportunities next year to work with the children.

Common Cathedral: On May 22nd, our Church hosted lunch and joined guests for worship at Common Cathedral on Boston Common. ParisSt. Luke's common cathedral May 2016hioners brought food and themselves to share prayers and love. Click here for more information about this ministry with Boston’s homeless.

A big thanks to the Smith family for organizing this great event and opportunity to serve! Click here to view pictures from the day

Church School Trike-a-Thon & Bake Sale:  Throughout May, St. Luke’s children have been fundraising to send bees to needy families throughout the world through the Heifer program. The bees will help familieIMG_5455s earn income through the sale of honey and beeswax. Plus, when placed strategically, beehives can as much as double some fruit and vegetable yield through natural pollination. As you can see, the gift of a hive can be a first step in caring for people, bees and the health of our planet.

On May 15th, the children participated in a Bake Sale and Trike-a-Thon to support the Heifer program. Through their efforts, $900 was raised for 30 hives of bees!  Our Sunday School will continue efforts in the fall as part of a “Creation Care” curriculum. Please join us!  Click here to see pictures!

Many Cans and Bottles …
Under the dedicated leadership of John McDowell and his family – wife, Linda and son, Sam – a great group of St. Luke’s folks have staffed the Transfer Station redemption center and collected many cans and bottles to provide funds to support our Church. Additional volunteers are always welcome! Please sign up for a shift or two, or just come down to the Transfer Station to pitch in during the month of May.

Transfer Station1 May 2016
Big THANK YOU to May volunteers who served at Brockton’s Table at Mainspring!

Table at Mainspring Brockton 4-30-16