tea partyEventbrite - Spring Tea and Bazaar

Tea Time: Downton Abbey may be over, but we can still enjoy the art of a good cup of tea. Save the date as St Luke’s will be hosting a fanciful tea and gift bazaar on Saturday, May 7th (doors open 11am, serving until 2pm); just in time for Mother’s day. We will be serving tea and goodies using beautiful vintage cups and plates. Jewelry, gifts, and flowers will be on sale as a treat for your mother or yourself!

Any questions? Feel free to contact Yvonne McKerrow at Rowaytontwins@yahoo.com or Suzanne Otte at otte0808@gmail.com. Thank you!

A Honey of an Opportunity: Our St. Luke’s children have been learning all about bees and sharing their discoveries with the congregation. They also have learned about how bees are in trouble as never before. Because bees are in trouble, our food supply is being challenged.

During the month of May the children will be finding ways to earn money to send bees to needy families throughout the world through the Heifer program. This is a win-win opportunity. The gift of a hive costs $30.00 and will help Heifer provide a family with bees, a box and hive, plus training in beekeeping.

The bees will help families earn income through the sale of honey and beeswax. Plus, when placed strategically, beehives can as much as double some fruit and vegetable yield through natural pollination. As you can see, the gift of a hive can be a first step in caring for people, bees and the health of our planet. We invite everyone to join be a part of this effort by supporting the children in reaching their goals!
Bee pics 1On April 10th our church school children learned all about beekeeping from a real beekeeper! Bob Beal assisted by his wife Janine and Sarah and Sam taught them all about the art of beekeeping. This was another chapter in our theme of caring for the earth as we work to learn about, and encourage the survival of bees as well the health of our planet. Click to view photos!

Walking on Water bookLadies Night Returns May 5th at 6:30PM: Join us for an evening of fellowship at the Lightkeepers Cottage in Cohasset as we enjoy  a meal together and  explore the wise and wonderful essay, “Walking on Water- Reflections on Faith and Art” by the ever insightful Madeleine L’Engle. Presenter is Jean Anderson Collier. $40 per person, copies of the book available for $15. For more information, contact Tracy Dieselman: 781-799-4157, tdieselman@gmail.com

holy communionFirst Communion on May 1st:  At the 10am service, five students will be taking their “First Communion” on May 1st. They have been preparing for two years under the guidance of  Mrs. Barber last year and Mr. Swigart this year so that they understand its significance and are familiar with the liturgy in which they will be participating. Although the Episcopal Church does not dictate when a child may receive communion, we have provided an age appropriate time for the children to officially focus on it and understand it more deeply. We look forward celebrating with them at this special time.

Hope + Faith + Love: On Sunday, April 10th, St. Luke’s received and blessed a beautiful quilt made by Lynn Anastos. The quilt is displayed in St. Luke’s narthex. Click here to read the blessing and view pictures.